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Everyday we are overwhelmed by news stories and reports covering Ontario's housing affordability challenges. The reality is that we are swimming in data, and yet we are drowning in high prices, slow approvals times, unexpected construction costs and outdated regulatory barriers that threaten Ontario's economic recovery. With a data driven approach to identify problems and create innovative solutions, there are opportunities to turn the tide and bring affordability back to Ontario's housing market.

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  • Joe Vaccaro (Co-Founder & President of RIOS)

    Joe Vaccaro

    Co-Founder & President of RIOS


    Joe is a celebrated and trusted voice in the residential construction industry. With over 15 years in the sector, he has been front and centre of game-changing ideas that have left a lasting impact on housing in Ontario and Canada.

    He is the former CEO of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association and former Vice President of Policy and Government Relations at the Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD. He also served as a senior advisor and assistant to the Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Chair of Management Board, and the Minister of Government Services for the province of Ontario.

    Joe holds Bachelor degree in Political Science and Philosophy from York University.

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